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  1. North Santiam River Watershed Assessment: Lower and Middle Reach Subwatersheds

    Abstract -- This assessment contains topics including historical and reference conditions, hydrology, water use, sediment sources, water quality, fisheries, aquatic and riparian habitats, a watershed condition...

  2. Lower Rogue Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- Thank you for your interest in The Lower Rogue Watershed Assessment. The Lower Rogue Watershed Council’s mission is: To help

  3. Slate Creek Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The analysis was jointly conducted by the Applegate River Watershed Council (ARWC), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and the Siskiyou National Forest. Accordingly, the assessment method was designed...

  4. Pine Hollow - Jackknife Creek Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The assessment area is located in north-central Oregon within the semi-arid Columbia Plateau

  5. Middle Fork Willamette River Lower Watersheds Action Plan

    Abstract -- This document begins with a brief overview of the watershed, the activities of the Council, and the development of the Action Plan. A section explaining Action Plan goals and activities follows. For...

  6. Rickreall Watershed Action Plan

    Abstract -- The following document is the Rickreall Watershed Action Plan. The Action Plan contains the Watershed Council’s goals, objectives, and priority action items for the Rickreall Watershed. The...

  7. Ashland Watershed Assessment and Action Plan

    Abstract -- The assessment of the Ashland and Neil Creek watersheds began June 23,

  8. Long Tom Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- This assessment presents current and historic information on the physical, biological and cultural landscape in the Long Tom Watershed. Aspects of the watershed that were studied include physical...

  9. Nehalem River Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- This watershed assessment contains information on historical conditions, channel habitat types, hydrology and water use, riparian conditions, sediment sources, channel modifications, water quality,...

  10. Little Applegate Assessment

    Abstract -- To date, Applegate watershed assessments have focused on 5th field tributary streams that drain more than 50,000 acres. The Little Applegate and Williams Creek Assessments, which are nearing...