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  1. Acari, insecta and nematoda of watershed 10, H. J. Andrews experimental forest

    Populations of mites and.nematodes were monitored on Watershed 10, H. J.

  2. Coniferous Forest Biome : progress report, July 1974 - August 1975

    The specific objectives of the program are: (1) To understand the

  3. Mineral cycling in Douglas-fir : intensive study progress report

    Intensive studies of the mineral cycling process in young-growth Douglas-fir stands have been in progress at the R. H. Thompson Research Center since 1966. During this time, a substantial body of information...

  4. Eddy sizes above a forest canopy

    Sixteen propeller anemometers were placed 29 meters above a 45-year-old (approximately) Douglas-fir stand. Correlations between paired anemometers, when viewed as a function of distance between them, showed...

  5. Diurnal dimensional fluctuations in Douglas-fir stems in response to plant internal moisture status and environment

    Best copy available.

  6. Nitrogen transformations

    The feasibility and enumeration studies have led to the following conclusions:

  7. Terrestrial vertebrate consumers of Cedar River intensive sites : parameters for modeling

  8. Nutrient retention, mobilization and loss in undisturbed forest ecosystems on experimental watersheds at the H. J. Andrews...

  9. Climatological station operation at the Thompson Research Center on the Cedar River watershed

    Best copy available.

  10. Movement of water through forested soils in steep topography

    Field and laboratory studies are being conducted to describe the hydrologic properties of soil and to determine the timing pathway of precipitation and snowmelt water as it moved through forested soil on a...