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  1. Trask Watershed assessment

  2. Trask River watershed analysis : final report, August 2003

    Recommendations are provided in this watershed analysis to identify actions and management decisions on the part of BLM that might improve watershed health in the Trask River watershed.

  3. Watershed restoration, jobs-in-the-woods, and community assistance : Redwood National Park and the Northwest Forest Plan

    There are many parallels between the 1978 legislation to expand Redwood National Park and the Northwest Forest Plan, which together with the Northwest Economic Adjustment Initiative formed the 1993 Pacific...

  4. Coho salmon : life in the watershed

  5. Limiting factors assessment and restoration plan Rock Creek : tributary to Devil's Lake, Lincoln County, Oregon

    This document provides watershed restoration actions proposed to enhance the Coho Salmon population within the Rock Creek / Devils Lake basin in Lincoln County, Oregon. The stream is the principle tributary of...

  6. Direct/Delayed Response Project: Definition of Soil Sampling Classes and Selection of Sampling Sites for the Northeast


  7. Effect of riparian areas on the ecological condition of small, perennial streams in agricultural landscapes of the Willamette...

    Little research has been directed toward determining the status and ecological role of riparian areas in agricultural landscapes of the Willamette Valley, Oregon. A research project has been designed to...

  8. Coastal cutthroat trout : life in the watershed

  9. Coastal steelhead trout : life in the watershed

  10. Environmental effects of postfire logging: literature review and annotated bibliography

    The scientific literature on logging after wildfire is reviewed, with a focus on environmental effects of logging and removal of large woody structure. Rehabilitation, the practice of planting or seeding after...