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  1. A physical inventory of streams in the Upper Willamette Watershed above the confluence of middle and coast forks of...

    Dimensions of paper map: 37" x 37.5".

  2. Ecological land units of Bear Creek watershed and their relationship to water quality

    The work upon which this report is based was supported by funds provided by the United States Department of the Interior, Office of Water Resources Research, as authorized under the Water Resources Research Act...

  3. Benefits and costs of riparian habitat improvement in the Tualatin River Basin

  4. Estimated costs of reducing nonpoint phosphorus loads from agricultural land in the Tualatin Basin, Oregon

  5. Providing long-term funding for watershed management : an evaluation of strategies for the Coquille Watershed Association

  6. Biennial report--The Oregon Plan for salmon and watersheds 2003-2005 synopsis

  7. USDA report on water and related land resources, Middle Willamette River Basin, Oregon

  8. Coos Estuary Inventory Project: Key project development components, example uses, and data validity

    The Coos Estuary Inventory Project, an in-depth assessment of environmental and socio-economic status and trends, is part of Phase 2 of the Partnership for Coastal Watersheds. The project began in January 2013...

  9. Citizen knowledge and opinions about watershed management in the South Santiam Basin in Oregon

    Watershed management is widely recognized as an important component of healthy

  10. Watershed councils and woodland owners : the Oregon experience

    Oregon's watershed councils are local, non-regulatory, collaborative forums charged