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  1. Seasonal model of litter decomposition in coniferous forests

    A litter decomposition model was developed as part of :a watershed modeling

  2. Fleshy fungi fruiting in the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest : a partial list of collections from fall 1970 to spring 1972

    The fleshy carpophores of fungi fruiling, on soil and litter were collected from watersheds 2, 3, and 10, IBP sites located in the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest near Blue River, Oregon (122° W, 44° N). No...

  3. Report of the aquatic modeling group : round one

    The aquatic modeling group, consisting of Davis, Donaldson, Hall, Higley, Lyford, McIntire, Mullooly, Overton, Strand, Waring, and Warren, met in four 2-hour sessions from July 7 to July 26. The charge to the...

  4. Modeling water uptake on coniferous forest Oregon watershed 10 synthesis

    In the Coniferous Forest Biome, many of the understory as well as