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  1. An inventory of filled lands in the Netarts Bay Estuary

  2. An inventory of filled lands in the Salmon River Estuary

  3. An inventory of filled lands in the Sand Lake Estuary

  4. Proposed modification of the Tillamook Bay and bar project

  5. An inventory of filled lands in the Nehalem River Estuary

  6. Rainfall-Runoff Prediction and the Effects of Logging : The Oregon Coast Range

    Streamflow response to rainfall is controlled by the net water budget and the routing of rainfall to stream channels. In rain-dominated forested regions, including the Oregon Coast Range, water budget aspects...

  7. Historical and current forest landscapes in Eastern Oregon and Washington. Part 2. linking vegetation characteristics to...

    We compared the potential fire behavior and smoke production of historical and current periods based on vegetative conditions in 49 5,100- to 13,500-ha watersheds in six river basins of eastern Oregon and...

  8. Methods for multi-spatial scale characterization riparian corridors

    This paper describes the application of aerial photography and GIS technology to develop flexible and transferable methods for multi-spatial scale characterization and analysis of riparian corridors....

  9. Umatilla River Basin Anadromous Fish Habitat Enhancement Project -- 1992 annual report

  10. The Ore bin ; Vol.38, No.8 (August 1976)

    Master files scanned at 600 dpi (256 Grayscale) using Capture Perfect 3.0 on a Canon DR-9080C in TIF format. PDF derivatives scanned at 300 dpi (256 Grayscale) using Capture Perfect 3.0 and OmniPage...