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  1. Marys Peak watershed restoration and road decommissioning project 1 (trash rack removal) environmental assessment

    11 pp. Table. Township 15 South, Range 8 West, Section 25. Captured January 23, 2008.

  2. Biological opinion on the 10-year operation plan for the Klamath Project

    227 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO. References, maps, charts, tables. Captured August 29, 2007.

  3. Summary Report Describing the Preparation of Hydrologic Data Bases for Pacific Northwest HUC4 Watersheds Used to Identify...

    8 p.

  4. Potamus ecosystem analysis

    271 pp. Tables, figures, maps, references, appendices.

  5. Myrtle Creek watershed restoration environmental assessment

    37 pp. Tables, references, illus. The Myrtle Creek watershed analysis unit is located southeast of Roseburg, Oregon. It is 76,265 acres in area (119 square miles), and is drained by North Myrtle Creek, South...

  6. Upper Umpqua Watershed plan environmental assessment

    94 pp. Tables, figures, appendices, maps, glossary. Captured July 27, 2007.

  7. Issues in monitoring the socio-economic effects of the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board grant program

    8 p.

  8. EWEB McKenzie Basin Agriculture Producer Survey

    39 pages

  9. Lower Siletz Basin Flood Mitigation Action Plan

    54 pp. Maps, tables, figures, appendices.

  10. McKenzie River Basin development risk atlas

    33 pp. Maps, tables, illus.