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  1. Upper Rogue Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- This is a publication that helps define problems, and projects within our watershed.

  2. Scappoose Bay Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The Scappoose Bay Watershed Assessment focuses on habitat conditions for salmonids (salmon, steelhead and trout) in the watershed. The report follows the guidelines of the Oregon Watershed...

  3. Clear and Foster Creek Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- A watershed assessment was completed in the Clear and Foster Creek watersheds to evaluate existing conditions and make recommendations to protect or enhance watershed natural

  4. Phillips Creek Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- Watershed Assessments for the Grande Ronde River Subwatersheds are being prepared for the Grande Ronde Model Watershed Program. This Watershed Assessment addresses the Phillips Creek Watershed...

  5. Neacoxie Watershed

    Abstract -- Previously, little information was known about the ecology or the condition of native habitats in the Neacoxie sub-watershed that drains from the city of Warrenton into the north section of the...

  6. Calapooia Watershed Fish Passage Assessment

    Abstract -- Potential fish passage barriers at road-stream crossings were assessed for tributary streams to the Middle Calapooia River Watershed and the Courtney Creek Watershed. Fish passage guidelines...

  7. Kilchis Watershed Analysis

    Abstract -- This watershed assessment contains information on characteristics and land use in the Tillamook Basin, hydrologic characterization, stream channels, riparian, erosion, water quality, wetlands,...

  8. Big Elk Watershed Analysis

    Abstract -- This watershed analysis describes three domains - the human, the aquatic, and the terrestrial - of the southern one-third of the Yaquina River basin, comprised of Big Elk Creek and Mill Creek, in...

  9. Trout Creek Watershed Assessment, Part 2: Condition Evaluation and Action Opportunities

    Abstract -- This document summarizes "Trout Creek Watershed Assessment: Findings" and evaluates opportunities for voluntary actions to improve watershed conditions. Information from the assessment is used to...

  10. Kilchis Watershed Analysis 1998

    Abstract -- This exhaustive report analyzes the Kilchis River watershed, one of five river systems that enter Tillamook Bay, and includes these sections: watershed characteristics, land use, hydrology, stream...