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  1. Upper Sprague Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The insight that soil, water and vegetation interact dynamically to produce

  2. Donner und Blitzen Sub-basin Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The 2003 Donner und Blitzen Sub-basin Watershed Assessment was prepared by the Harney County Watershed Council. The Donner und Blitzen Sub-Basin is 505,127 acres located in Harney County, Oregon....

  3. Lower Umpqua Watershed Analysis, 1997

    Abstract -- This analysis of the Lower Umpqua River watershed (2% of the total Umpqua River drainage area) in the southern Coast Range includes watershed characterization, issues, inherent landscape...

  4. Cascade Creek Watershed Monitoring Project #97-032

    Abstract -- This report, also called "Salmonid Life-Cycle Monitoring Project," estimates the abundance of juvenile and adult salmonids in numerous watersheds during 1998-99 surveys; evaluates marine and...

  5. Curry County Watersheds Monitoring Program, OWEB #201-122 Final Report

    Abstract -- This is a summary of activities and accomplishments by the Lower Rogue and South Coast Watershed Councils during the 2 year grant period. Activities included water quality monitoring, road...

  6. Hood River Watershed Action Plan

    Abstract -- This Watershed Action Plan identifies cooperative projects, strategies, and priorities to improve water quality and fish populations in the Hood River subbasin of the Columbia River.

  7. Trout Creek Watershed Assessment, Part 1: Findings

    Abstract -- This assessment (part 1 of 2) includes watershed characterization, historical conditions, habitat types, hydrology, water use and quality, riparian areas, sediment sources, channel modifications,...

  8. Forest Roads, Drainage, and Sediment Delivery in the Kilchis River Watershed

    Abstract -- This survey evaluated over 100 miles of forest roads in the Kilchis River watershed. 25% of this mileage clearly delivered sediment to streams, an additional 14% was given a "possible" delivery...

  9. Bear Creek Watershed Assessment, Phase II - Bear Creek Tributary Assessment

    Abstract -- This document assesses 21 tributary sub-basins in the Bear Creek watershed in terms of history, physiography and physical structure, human demographic characteristics, channel morphology, and...

  10. South Coast and Lower Rogue Watersheds - Fish Passage Improvement Project - Monitoring Report 2003

    Abstract -- 25 fish passage improvement projects in the watersheds of Oregon's South Coast were monitored for effectiveness after 2 years. Pre-project conditions, results of the physical and biological surveys,...