The term "watershed" is commonly used to refer to an area in which all surface waters flow to a common point. USGS identifies 92 watersheds in Oregon.

Articles & Stories

"Money in a Streambank" tells the story of a regulation-driven ecosystem services project.
This multiimedia story focuses on the Whychus Creek restoration project within the Deschutes Basin...
A fundamental component of the watershed restoration in Oregon is voluntary action by private...
In the Molalla/Pudding Subbasin (4th field watershed) there are two 5th field watersheds: Molalla...
The Partnership for Coastal Watersheds is a collaborative community coalition guided by a diverse...

Maps and Tools

Simple place-based mapping and charting of floodplains, demographics, habitat, land use, and more. more

Data Collections

The Oregon Watershed Restoration Inventory (OWRI) Database and GIS data is available in the... more