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  1. Streamflow Modeling of Johnson Creek Subwatersheds Using the Precipitation Runoff Modeling System

    Johnson Creek, in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan region, has several pollutants on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 303(d) list including excess heat, low dissolved oxygen, and harmful...

  2. A Review of Urban Water Body Challenges and Approaches: (1) Rehabilitation and Remediation

    We review how urbanization alters aquatic ecosystems, as well as actions that managers can take to remediate urban waters. Urbanization affects streams by fundamentally altering longitudinal and lateral...

  3. Towards Improving Drought Forecasts Across Different Spatial and Temporal Scales

    Recent water scarcities across the southwestern U.S. with severe effects on the living environment inspire the development of new methodologies to achieve reliable drought forecasting in seasonal scale....