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  1. Soil weathering processes in the Findley Lake watershed

    This is the annual report from the investigators responsible for soil

  2. Forest plant communities of the lower Cedar River watershed

  3. Findley Lake watershed a terrestrial-lake interface program

    Includes supplemental reports 25-A, B & C.

  4. Vegetation and stem mapping of watershed 10, H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest

    Stem mapping of all trees greater than 15 cm dbh has

  5. Modeling the hydrological aspects of the Fern Lake Watershed : annual report 1971

    Data collected from the Fern Lake watershed between 1958 and 1971 include measurements of the rate of flow of water into the lake through a single inlet stream. The objective of the work presented here is...

  6. Findley Lake lysimeter leachate, precipitation inflow, outflow, and throughfall data, June 1973-January 1974

    Data on soil leachate at three sites and four depths, throughfall, precipitation, and lake inflow and outflow are presented in this

  7. Aquatic production in a sockeye salmon river

  8. Degradation of organic compounds in freshwater sediments by bacteria

    Some missing pages, best copy available.

  9. Nutrient budgets in the lakes of the Cedar River Watershed

    Aquatic mineral measurements and sediment characterization of the Cedar

  10. Interim progress 1972 : water column respiration

    The purpose of the past year's research was to begin measurement of