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  1. Using Partnership and Prioritization to Achieve Whole Watershed Restoration in the Pacific Northwest

    Presented at The Oregon Water Conference, May 24-25, 2011, Corvallis, OR.

  2. Effects of wildfire on growth and demographics of coastal cutthroat trout in headwater streams

    Wildfire is a largely terrestrial perturbation broadly recognized as an agent of disturbance and ecological change in forested biomes. Effects of post-fire conditions on biotic components of aquatic systems...

  3. Urban and rural-residential area land uses in Oregon: a synthesis of an IMST technical workshop on watershed functions and...

    On June 21-22, 2011, the Independent Multidisciplinary Science Team (IMST) hosted a technical workshop for local and regional natural resource managers and practitioners in urban and rural-residential land...

  4. The Oregon plan for salmon and watersheds: a perspective.

    The Oregon Plan is a state-led strategy for restoring and conserving native salmonids and the watersheds within which they spend all or parts of their lives. It evolved from work that began in the 1980s on...

  5. Urban and rural-residential land uses : their role in watershed health and the rehabilitation of Oregon's wild salmonids

    This report was prepared by the Independent Multidisciplinary Science Team of the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds.

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