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  1. Theoretical Basis for the CE-QUAL-W2 River Basin Model

    The primary objective of this research is to integrate a riverine model into the existing W2 code that would provide the capability for modeling entire watersheds. This task was accomplished by the following...

  2. CE-QUAL-W2: A Two-dimensional, Laterally Averaged, Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Model, Version 3.1

    CE-QUAL-W2 is a two-dimensional, longitudinal/vertical, hydrodynamic and water quality model. Because the model assumes lateral homogeneity, it is best suited for relatively long and narrow waterbodies...

  3. Willamette River and Columbia River Waste Load Allocation Model

    A hydrodynamic and water quality model of the Lower Willamette River was developed to evaluate management alternatives designed to improve water quality. The Lower Willamette River is located in Oregon and...

  4. TMDLS: Statistical Correlations or Mechanistic Modeling?

    Western Idaho and Eastern Oregon, determinations of the assimilative capacity of the system and the impact of pollutant reduction strategies has been performed using both a statistical-correlation approach and...