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  1. Estimation of Historic Flows and Sediment Loads to San Francisco Bay, 1849 – 2011

    River flow and sediment transport in estuaries influence morphological development over decadal and century time scales, but hydrological and sedimentological records are typically too short to adequately...

  2. River Influences on Shelf Ecosystems: Introduction and Synthesis

    River Influences on Shelf Ecosystems (RISE) is the first comprehensive interdisciplinary study of the rates and dynamics governing the mixing of river and coastal waters in an eastern boundary current system,...

  3. Seasonal Variability and Estuary-Shelf Interactions in Circulation Dynamics of a River-dominated Estuary

    The long-term response of circulation processes to external forcing has been quantified for the Columbia River estuary using in situ data from an existing coastal observatory. Circulation patterns were...

  4. Maintaining Safe, Efficient and Sustainable Intermodal Transport Through the Port of Portland

    About $15 billion of freight passes annually through the Lower Columbia River (LCR) navigation channel to reach Portland and Vancouver, where most of it connects with land transport. This commerce plays a vital...