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  1. Effects of Water Development on Arid Land Freshwater Ecosystems

    This presentation focuses on the Columbia Basin Project

  2. Fish Species Introductions Provide Novel Insights into the Patterns and Drivers of Phylogenetic Structure in Freshwaters

    Despite long-standing interest of terrestrial ecologists, freshwater ecosystems are a fertile, yet unappreciated, testing ground for applying community phylogenetics to uncover mechanisms of species assembly....

  3. Factors Influencing the Survival of Outmigrating Juvenile Salmonids Through Multiple Dam Passages: An Individual-Based...

    Substantial declines of Pacific salmon populations have occurred over the past several decades related to large-scale anthropogenic and climatic changes in freshwater and marine environments. In the Columbia...

  4. Defining Conservation Priorities for Freshwater Fishes According to Taxonomic, Functional, and Phylogenetic Diversity

    To date, the predominant use of systematic conservation planning has been to evaluate and conserve areas of high terrestrial biodiversity. Although studies in freshwater ecosystems have received recent...