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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report on the indicators for monitoring biological integrity of inland, freshwater wetlands; a survey of North American technical literature (1990-2000). Authored by Paul Adamus, Thomas Danielson and Alex Gonyaw. 2001.
Environmental Protection Agency environmental monitoriing and assessment program (EMAP) report on the overall quality of estuaries in Oregon and Washington. March 2006.
"Restoration, Creation, and Recovery of Wetlands: Wetland Functions, Values, and Assessment"
"The goal of Wetlands Status and Trends is to provide the nation with current scientifically valid information on the status and extent of wetland, riparian, and related aquatic resources."
"This document was prepared to help EPA and State program managers plan and implement a wetland monitoring and assessment program within the context of the March 2003 EPA document, Elements of a State Water Monitoring and Assessment Program (EPA 841-B-03- 003). "
Volunteer Wetland Monitoring: An Introduction and Resource Guide developed by the Environmental Protection Agency. December 2001.
A 2008 report from the Governors Climate Change Integration Group. Oregon Department of Energy. Salem, OR.
"The continued decline of Columbia River salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) populations has long focused concerns on habitat changes upriver, particularly the effects of large hydroelectric dams. Increasing evidence that ocean conditions strongly influence salmon production, however, has raised questions...
Oregon Biodiversity Information Center (2004) statewide vegetation classification lists the native plant associations known to occur in Oregon, and includes both successional and climax vegetation types that were an important part of the presettlement landscape of Oregon (2004).
The Oregon statewide strategic plan and statewide action plan for invasive species set forth long-term and short-term strategies for invasive species control. View or download the 2017-2019 statewide action plan and/or strategic plan from the Oregon Invasive Species Council website.