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Oregon Biodiversity Information Center (2004) statewide vegetation classification lists the native plant associations known to occur in Oregon, and includes both successional and climax vegetation types that were an important part of the presettlement landscape of Oregon (2004).
The Oregon statewide strategic plan and statewide action plan for invasive species set forth long-term and short-term strategies for invasive species control. View or download the 2017-2019 statewide action plan and/or strategic plan from the Oregon Invasive Species Council website.
List of invertebrates in Willamette Valley wetlands created by The Xerces Society.
Oregon Department of State Lands Mitigation Plan Checklist: CWM for Impacts to Wetlands and Tidal Waters
Wetlands Delineation Manual with criteria for wetland delineation from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Supplements for Western Oregon and Eastern Oregon are also available. Published in January 1987.
Oregon Department of State Lands cover sheet for preparing a mitigation monitoring report.
The Oregon Department of State Lands requires the use of this combined 1988 and 1993 National Wetland Plant List (NWPL) list. This list was compiled in 2009.
A Quantitative Characterization, Classification, and Restoration Concept
United States Geological Service (USGS) introduction to wetland hydrology.
A bibliography compiled by Kevin Erwin provides access to peer-reviewed research papers that describe the effects of climate change on wetlands around the world. York University, 2007.