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Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) staff led development of the Strategy working with a diverse coalition of Oregonians including scientists, conservation groups, landowners, extension services, anglers, hunters, and representatives from agriculture, forestry and rangelands. The...
An introduction to habitats in the Willamette River Basin. 2002.
A report prepared for the 2003 Oregon Legislature on recommendations for improvements to existing incentive programs. Prepared by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and Oregon Department of Forestry. February 2003.
Subbasin plan amendment recommendation prepared for the Northwest Power and Conservation Council.
American pikas are small chinchilla-like mammals, related to rabbits and hares. In Oregon they are found in the Cascades and along the Columbia Gorge.
Publication about the limits of Oregon's land use program in protecting fish and wildlife habitat in the Willamette Valley. Authored by Pam Wiley for the Defenders of Wildlife (2001).
Historical overview of Oregon's wild horse population and management practices.