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The materials in this collection are the result of a yearlong partnership between the Oregon Historical Society Research Library and the Oregon State University Libraries Special Collections and Archives Research Center to digitize the William Lovell Finley and Herman T. Bohlman photograph and...
Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) publication that summarizes the policy, fiscal and science challenges that land managers encounter related to the control and reduction of the invasive plant/fire complex, especially as it relates to the threaten or endangered species...
Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) publication commissioned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to assess threats the invasive plant-wildfire nexus poses to greater Sage-Grouse and its habitat. 47 pp.
"The Deschutes Subbasin Plan direct Bonneville Power Administration funding of projects that protect, mitigate, and enhance fish and wildlife that have been adversely impacted by the development and operation of the Columbia River hydropower system.The Council, Bonneville, NOAA Fisheries, and U.S....
Link to the complete text of the Federal Endangered Species Act of 1973 from the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.
The Oregon Conservation Strategy identifies priorities for monitoring. A suite of priority species for monitoring is assigned to each priority habitat type within each ecoregion. Monitoring Strategy species is designed to complement ongoing large-scale vegetation monitoring and ongoing efforts to...
View the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's conservation strategy list for mammals showing the ecoregional distributions, special needs, limiting factors, data gaps and recommended conservation actions.
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife "one-page flyers designed for public outreach that provide an overview of Strategy habitats, Strategy species and invasive species in each ecoregion." (ODFW)
A list of agencies and programs that can provide financial and technical assistance to landowners for helping fish, wildlife and habitat from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Published as a part of the Oregon Conservation Strategy in 2008.
2013, Oregon Biodiversity Center (ORBIC) Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Species of Oregon Publication