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  1. 1980 Annual Report: Wildlife Division

    This document is a summary of the activities of the Wildlife Division for the period of July 1, 1979 to June 30, 1980. It includes numbers of hunting licenses, increased prices of furs, large and small game...

  2. Oregon Wildlife; Vol.39 No.8 (November-December 1984)

    Contents: What do Elk Hunters Want? - p.3-6; Salmon Begin Fall Run - p.7; Playing Radio Tag in the Wilds [Radio tags on wildlife] - p.8-9; Watchable Wildlife in Central Oregon - p.10-11; Deer Mouse - p.13

  3. Oregon Wildlife; Vol.29 No.12 (December 1974)

    Contents: Wildlife for the Future - p.3-6; Steel Shot: A Status Report [Hunting in Sauvie Island Wildlife Area] - p.7; Gulls - p.8-9; Of Starlings and Such [Exotic pet birds released in Oregon] - p.10

  4. Oregon Wildlife; Vol.37 No.4 (April 1982)

    Contents: Roosevelt Elk - An Historical Look - p.3-6; The Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation: Wildlife's New Benefactor - p.8-9; Another Turkey Transplant [Rio Grande turkeys in Klamath County] - p.10-11;...

  5. Oregon Wildlife; Vol.30 No.12 (December 1975)

    Contents: Ochoco Reservoir: A History of Change - p.3-5; The Kenneth Denman Wildlife Management Area - p.6; Cool Time at the Coast [Winter wildlife at the beach] - p.8-9; Fresh Scallops for Dinner - p.10;...

  6. Oregon Wildlife; Vol.34 No.3 (March 1979)

    Contents: Columbia River Colossus: The White Sturgeon - p.3-8; The Pacific Newts - p.9; Support Watchable Wildlife - p.10; Oregon Hunting Accidents - 1978 - p.11; A Cold Day in Hell [Winter wildlife struggles]...

  7. Oregon Wildlife; Vol.38 No.11 (November 1983)

    Contents: To Conserve the Rockfish Resource - p.3-6; The Columbia River Gill-Net Fishery - p.8-11; Whistling Swan - p.13; Outdoorsmen Help Wildlife by Installing Guzzlers [Wildlife watering devices] - p.14

  8. Oregon Wildlife; Vol.30 No.2 (February 1975)

    Contents: Someone Cares--But Who? And How Much? [Survey, public interest in wildlife] - p.2, 12; A Man Called Finley - p.3-7; Survey Shows Wildlife Important Recreational Resource - p.8-9; Barn Owls - p.11

  9. Oregon Wildlife; Vol.30 No.4 (April 1975)

    Contents: Bounties Aren't the Way [Payment for unwanted wildlife] - p.2; Placing American Wildlife Management in Perspective - p.3-7; California Import with a Texas Drawl [Introduction of Rio Grande turkey] -...

  10. Oregon Wildlife; Vol.31 No.1 (January 1977)

    Contents: Enforcing Oregon's Fish and Wildlife Laws - p.3-6; Opening Weekend with the State Police - p.8-9; Court Disposition of Fish and Wildlife Law Violations - p.11-12