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How to Get Involved with the Conservation Strategy

Every Oregonian can have a role in implementing the Conservation Strategy. The key first step is to let people know about conservation needs, provide them with a menu of possible actions, and give them the technical or financial tools to help them take action. Some example opportunities include:

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Courtesy of ODFW

  • Landowners, land managers and conservation groups can identify Strategy Species or Habitats of interest to them and work on conservation actions such as habitat restoration.
  • People can get involved in the many on-going citizen-based monitoring projects in communities and through schools. Citizen-based monitoring will have an important role in evaluating the effectiveness of conservation actions.
  • Academic institutions can assist with filling research needs and data gaps, conduct monitoring and provide results that can be used for adaptive management and analysis.

Also, check out your local watershed council or your local Soil and Water Conservation District.

Compiled by John Ame, science writer