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  1. Why do people use Community Gardens? To bolster their sense of community, of course!

    8 p.

  2. Research & Strategic Partnerships: Quarterly Review, Volume 3, Issue 3

    This issue of the Quarterly Review focuses on population health and strategies to improve it. Although these strategies may be revised and added to in the years ahead, the “Triple Aim” of addressing health...

  3. Willamette Basin conservation project, final report

    Appendix 5-B is available upon request.

  4. RAIN

    Volume 15, Number 1

  5. Social Profile of the Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan Area

    The objective of this research study is to identify the Metro area in such a manner as to give planning personnel a composite picture of the area. Such a picture should not only give physical and statistical...

  6. Headwaters to Ocean (H2O): a strategy for meeting Oregon's water needs in the face of climate change. (Draft. May 2008)

    "Oregon's waters are an integral part of sustainable communities, a viable state economy and a healthy environment - and they are fundamental to our quality of life. Oregonians recognize the need to manage our...

  7. The Use of Rights Based Aproaches in Fisheries Management

    Abstract only.

  8. Values Mapping and Counter-Mapping in Contested Landscapes: an Olympic Peninsula (USA) Case Study

    Indigenous peoples, local communities, and other groups can use counter-mapping to make land claims, identify areas of desired access, or convey cultural values that diverge from the dominant paradigm. While...

  9. Engaging Young People & Schools in Community Planning: An alternative strategy for urban education reform & community...

    Examining committee: Gerardo Sandoval, chair; Bethany Steiner

  10. The Media’s Presentation of The Second Chance Act: Funding for Reentry Following Prison

    The US prison system has multiplied by four since 1980; each year about 730,000 people enter state and federal prisons and 700,000 people exit. As a result of this expansion, there is a massive increase of...