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Forest Collaboratives


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  1. Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer Report: Nationwide Study

    This study is the first in a series of studies to evaluate perceptions of USDA Forest

  2. Direct stakeholder perceptions of collaboration, indicators, and compliance associated with the wilderness best management...

    Increasingly popular methods for managing impacts of tourism in nature-based settings include collaborative and voluntary codes of conduct. In southeast Alaska, for example, the Tourism Best Management...

  3. Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation & the Sagebrush Ecosystem: Collaborative Conservation at Work

  4. Production possibility frontiers and socioecological tradeoffs for restoration of fire adapted forests

    Appendix A. Supplementary data available online at:

  5. Converting forest biomass to energy in Oregon : stakeholder perspectives on a growing movement

    Within Oregon there is considerable interest in the possibility of converting woody biomass to energy. This interest stems from three converging factors: the desire to reduce the threat of uncharacteristic...

  6. Spatial and temporal dynamics of anthropogenically influenced forests of the Brazilian Amazon

    The Amazon Tropical Rain Forest is the largest tropical rain forest system, comprising approximately 65% of such forests on earth. Since the 1960's, human populations in the Brazilian Amazon have increased from...

  7. Managing woody biomass transportation for improved biomass economics

    With rising fuel costs and enhanced environmental concerns, the use of renewable energy has been steadily considered and widely expounded as a solution to the challenges of global energy security and climate...

  8. Federal forest-fire policy in the United States

    Forest-fire policy of U.S. federal agencies has evolved from the use of small

  9. A Regional Biodiversity Monitoring Framework

    A draft monitoring framework that identifies the pieces of a technical plan for biodiversity monitoring, collaboration, and information sharing. The draft sets out to define some general parameters that will...

  10. Community Wildfire Protection Plan : Sunriver, Oregon

    Sunriver Community Wildfire Protection Plan, March 25, 2005