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  1. ODFW Access and Habitat Areas and Projects in Oregon (2017)

    Abstract -- To show access areas supported by, or associated with, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) Access and Habitat Program. For more details...

  2. Fish Creek inholder access-livestock crossing finding of no significant impact and decision record

    10 pp. The route from Natures' Advocate, LLC owned private lands in Fish Creek Valley west to the enclosed Fish Creek parcel would be approximately one-half mile across the No Livestock Grazing Area within...

  3. Coordinated salmon habitat restoration on private lands

    This fact sheet series highlights innovative ways that ranchers and family forest owners are prospering from protecting and/or enhancing ecosystem services on their land. Ecosystem services are the benefits...

  4. Coordinated salmon habitat restoration on private lands

    2 pages

  5. Endangered Species Conservation on Private Land: Assessing the Effectiveness of Habitat Conservation Plans

    This is the author's peer-reviewed final manuscript, as accepted by the publisher. The published article is copyrighted by Elsevier and can be found at:...

  6. Mapping the status of tax-delinquent private lands and the location of public lands in the rural areas of Oregon

  7. Mountain pine beetle impact survey on the Ninemile District, Lolo National Forest, and surrounding state and private lands

    The mountain pine beetle, Dendroetonus ponderosae Hopk., has been at

  8. Emigrant Creek Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The Emigrant Watershed Project has demonstrated three results:

  9. Non-regulatory techniques for fish and wildlife habitat protection on private lands

  10. LangpapChristianAgriculturalResourceEconomicsEndangeredSpeciesConservation.pdf