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  1. Development of a systematic sampling scheme for the Lake Washington drainage

    To determine productivity of fish, we will require an estimate of relative abundance that can be expanded later into estimates of biomass. Our work has shown that much of the fish production in Lake Washington...

  2. Chemical analysis of Findley Lake snowpack

    On 20 March 1972 three snow cores and one surface snow sample were taken on the Findley Lake watershed to obtain a preliminary estimate of the elemental composition of the snowpack. Variation in chemical...

  3. Vegetation and soils of the Hi-15 watersheds, H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest

    Early in the planning of the Coniferous Biome research program, it was recognized that Experimental Watersheds 6, 7, and 8 in the

  4. Vegetation and soils of watersheds 2 and 3, H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest

    Early in the planning of the Coniferous Biome program It was recognized that experimental watersheds 2 and 3 in the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest might provide ideal study sites for certain phases of the...

  5. Report on coordination project, Terrestrial Consumer Group

  6. Tree physiological process studies at the Allen E. Thompson research center : a 1972 progress report

  7. Methods employed in forest nutrient cycling studies at Cedar River

  8. Sediment and nutrient fluxes of lakes in the Lake Washington drainage basin

  9. Hydrologic model for watershed 10, Andrews Experimental Forest : round 1

  10. Carbon flux in the water column