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  1. Mobilizing Human Resources for Watershed Restoration

    2 p.

  2. Nehalem River watershed assessment

    Watershed assessment is a process for evaluating how well a watershed is working. The purpose of this assessment was to determine how natural and human-induced changes have impacted the sustainability of...

  3. The Partnership for Coastal Watersheds: A progress report

    This report assesses the progress of the Partnership for Coastal Watersheds (PCW) Project from its inception through the summer of 2012. First, the PCW is described and PCW meeting activities are discussed....

  4. Pine Hollow - Jackknife Creek Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The assessment area is located in north-central Oregon within the semi-arid Columbia Plateau

  5. Spencer Creek pilot watershed analysis


    "Prepared by an interagency (BLM, USFS, EPA, USFWS), interdisplinary team as part of the pilot program for revising the federal interagency guide to watershed analysis"--P. 1-3; "The Spencer Creek Watershed...

  6. An assessment of community-based adaptive watershed management in three Umpqua Basin Watersheds

    The dissertation introduces community-based adaptive watershed management (CAWM) as a holistic conservation framework. The CAWM

  7. Object Watershed Link Simulation (OWLS)

    Object Watershed Link Simulation (OWLS) is a physically based watershed model. In the OWLS

  8. An analysis of two adjacent agricultural watersheds in west central Oregon

    Two small adjacent watersheds on the west-central edge of the

  9. Middle Cow Creek Watershed assessment and action plan

    The Middle Cow Creek Watershed Assessment process has been contributed to by a group of local landowners. The group met fifteen times to review data about their watershed going into the document and portions of...

  10. Atlases for Select Portland Metropolitan Watersheds

    The primary purpose of this project is to promote planning on a watershed basis in the Portland Metropolitan area. We intend to support Metro's Regional Planning Framework process by encouraging a stewardship...