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  1. Arapaho Ranch carbon sequestration case study

    Case study

  2. Historical alterations to the Columbia River Gorge as a result of transportation infrastructure, 1850-1900

    Featuring high waterfalls and forested cliffs, and displaying a remarkable

  3. Science to Solutions: Private Lands Vital to Conserving Wet Areas for Sage Grouse Summer Habitat

    In the arid West, life follows water. Habitats near water – streamsides, wet meadows

  4. Analysis and prediction of patterns in lichen communities over the western Oregon landscape

    The diverse lichen flora of the Pacific Northwest is being impacted by

  5. The Hanford Laboratories and the growth of environmental research in the Pacific Northwest, 1943 to 1965

    The scientific endeavors that took place at Hanford Engineer Works, beginning in World

  6. Integrated Landscape Assessment Project final report

    Many ILAP spatial datasets and models are accessible from the Western Landscapes Explorer: http://westernlandscapesexplorer.info/AccessILAPDataMapsModelsandAnalyses

  7. Determinants of moth diversity and community in a temperate mountain landscape: vegetation, topography, and seasonality

    This is the publisher’s final pdf. The published article is copyrighted by the author(s) and published by the Ecological Society of America. The published article can be found at:...

  8. Managing Change: Integrating Cultural Landscape Values and Industrial Heritage Preservation

    xv, 155 p. : ill. (some col.), maps. A print copy of this thesis is available through the UO Libraries. Search the library catalog for the location and call number.

  9. Quaking aspen persistence in three Oregon landscapes

    Quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) is an important tree species in the western United States and there has been much concern about its persistence. In this thesis, I report on aspen in a portion of its range...

  10. Four centuries of soil carbon and nitrogen change after severe fire in a Western Cascades forest landscape

    Fire is a major disturbance process in many forests. Long-term studies of the