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Rivers, Streams, and Lakes

Rivers, Streams, and Lakes

Flowing water provides drinking water, irrigation, habitat for aquatic species and recreation opportunities across the state.

Articles & Stories

The Oregon Water Atlas is an aggregation and visualization of Oregon’s water data. It was created...
VIP Treatment: Rewarding Landowners for Riparian Stewardship: tells the story of a voluntary program
"Money in a Streambank" tells the story of a regulation-driven ecosystem services project.
Pelton-Round Butte Dam (Oregon State Archives) If you were a salmon who hatched...
The Metolius River originates from a spring near Black Butte, Oregon and flows north and east to...

Maps and Tools

The Stream Function Assessment Method (SFAM) allows a rapid assessment of the functions and... more

Data Collections

The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) is the central administrative agency of state... more