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Reptiles and Amphibians

Conservation Strategy Reptiles

Only 5 reptiles were identified as strategy species in the Conservation Strategy. Click on their names to learn more about them in the wildlife viewer.

View the conservation strategy (2 MB PDF file) for these species showing the ecoregional distributions, special needs, limiting factors, data gaps and recommended conservation actions.

The conservation strategy also identifies voluntary measures which will generally help all reptile species. These are:

  • Provide basking structures such as rocks and logs.
  • Maintain and restore suitable nesting areas.
  • Protect important nesting and hibernating sites from human disturbance during critical times.
  • Prevent introduction of non-native turtles.
  • Control invasive turtles and bullfrogs at priority sites.
  • Maintain water levels and vegetation buffers at major breeding sites.
  • Maintain and restore off-channel aquatic habitats and grasslands.